30-Day introductory edition

Welcome to Our Daily Bread Ministries

How To Use this Booklet

Day 1 Heart Food

Day 2 Generous God

Day 3 We’re Safe

Day 4 The World’s Children

Day 5 “Lie Down”

Day 6 Roadside Assistance

Day 7 Do No Harm

Day 8 Make It Attractive

Day 9 Focus on the Process

Day 10 A Lesson in Worry

Day 11 Tender Loving Care

Day 12 The Growth Chart

Day 13 The Jaws of Death

Day 14 Uncertain Times

Day 15 Paranoia in Reverse

Day 16 “No Grace”

Day 17 Grain on the Mountaintop

Day 18 Feeling Chained?

Day 19 Small Ways in Small Places 

Day 20 Water for the World

Day 21 Lasting Regrets

Day 22 Looking for Zacchaeus

Day 23 The Work of Our Hands

Day 24 Just As I Am

Day 25 A shared Bond

Day 26 Finding God’s Pathway

Day 27 Example That Encourages

Day 28 The Parable of the Sting

Day 29 Is There Hope?

Day 30 Words to Live By

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