Welcome to join HKSLBTA

Member Benefits

1. Exclusive access to various activities held for members

2. Participate in various activities of the Association at member discounted prices

Apply for Membership

1. Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing Christians and non-Christians can apply.

2. Anyone who supports and abides by the aim of the Association can apply for individual membership.

3. The membership status cannot be transferred to others for use.

4. Persons aged 16 or below must have the consent of their parents or guardians and apply for membership with the HKID card or passport number of the parents or guardians.

5. I declared that the above information is true and complete record, and of particulars to be above are found to be incorrect, the qualification of candidate is liable to be terminated or any other punishment by the Association.

6. I understood that my accident happened in the activities, which organized, assisted or sponsored by “HONG KONG SIGN LANGUAGE BIBLE TRANSLATION ASSOCIATION”. The Association will not bear any legal liability.

7. HKSLBTA reserves the right to revise, terminate and interpret the above content without any notice. In case of any disputes, HKSLBTA reserves the right of final decision.

Membership Cancellation

1. A member can withdraw from the association. Any member who intends to withdraw from the association must give a written notice to the co-workers of the association. The withdrawal will take effect 30 days after the co-workers of the association receive the notice, and the deceased member will be automatically withdrawn.

2. For members or expelled members, their paid membership fees will not be refunded.

Pay Methods

1. Method 1: Please fill in the application form and submit it together with the membership fee (cash/cheque/account record) to the staff of the Association, or email to hkslbta@gmail.com.

2. Method 2:  If paying by cheque, make it payable to “Hong Kong Sign Language Bible Translation Association Limited”  and write your name and contact number on the back of the cheque.

3. Method 3:  Through FPS – HSBC Account: 741-266449-838

Membership Fee

Two Year Membership:   HKD200/USD30/EUR25

Lifetime Membership:     HKD500/USD65/EUR56


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