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9 April 2024

基督日報 The Gospel Herald Issued on April 5, 2024


We HKSLBTA accepted an exclusive interview with “The Gospel Herald” to share how God led us, from the filming and production of “Our Daily Bread” devotion in HKSL to the completion of the production of the HKSL version of the Gospel of Mark. Everything was a grace given by God.

Since we had rich content to share, “The Gospel Herald” has divided it into three articles. This time we published the first article: The Uniqueness of Hong Kong Sign Language: Why is Sign Language Interpretation Important for Deaf Christians?

1 October, 2020

October 1st is the annual Hong Kong Day of Prayer in Hong Kong. Thanks to our hearing Sister-in-Christ for inviting our Deaf team to participate in this grand event. They also invited us to paint together. We expressed and shared the grace of God from our hearts. Praise the Lord! May the glory be to God!

TV Interview at Creation TV on 18 May, 2020 

TV Programme I:

TV Programme II: 

tme 影音使團 Angel’s Heart Issue 167 Issued on April 1, 2020

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