HKSL Bible

We propose the sign language Bible to help Deaf people understand the Bible and the Truth. 

HKSL Devotionals

We create Hong Kong Sign Language Devotionals to reach the group of Hong Kong
Deaf Christians and non Christians for their spiritual growth.

HKSL Testimonials

We make the life stories of Deaf people, convey their motivational messages, and
convey the faith and love of Christ.

Deaf Christian Leadership Development

Deaf Christian leaders are the primary service targets of the Association. We are
committed to building up their physical, mental and spiritual growth, and developing
their leadership skills and nurturing them to become Hong Kong citizens who care
about the Deaf Christian Community.

Hong Kong Sign Language Bible Translation Association

WhatsApp: (852) 5514 3830 │ Email: hkslbta@gmail.com │Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HKSLBTA

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